COVID-19 Guidelines

Even though our church has decided to resume Sunday Corporate Worship in person starting this coming Sunday, June 21, 2020, the number of COVID-19 confirmed cases continues to increase, and the risk of infection seems higher than ever before. For these reasons, it is crucial that EVERYONE follows the reopening guidelines strictly not only for themselves but also for the glory of God. In addition, please also stick to the following additional guidelines over the next couple of days:

(1) In your house church gathering tonight, take some time to read through the reopening guidelines together (

(2) Likewise, take some time to fill out the online poll, so that our preparation teams can have a better idea of the number of people planning to come worship in-person and the number of people planning on using the livestream option (

(3) If you decide to come to church for in-person Sunday Corporate Worship, please arrive at the building no earlier than 1:50 pm, 12:50 pm if you are a part of the praise or magnification teams, 1:30 pm if you are a part of the operation team that sanitizes the sanctuary or performs temperature checks.

Please do not come to church earlier than these times, in order to minimize the contact that you have with the attendees of KSC. KSC’s service ends around 12:40 pm.

(4) If you decide to attend the livestream Sunday Corporate Worship because you have health-related concerns, or any other concerns, please log in to YouTube on time and sanctify, or devote, that time solely for worship. Do not do other things. Prepare your heart and yourself as if you were attending Sunday Corporate Worship in person as well. Did I forget to mention any other things? May our Father God guide us and make our church a God-pleasing church that remains steadfast to His original purposes for the church. Stay safe! I miss you all.

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