Assessing our Church Lives

During bible study yesterday, our youth had some time to assess their church lives in seven different areas. Each of them were asked to give themselves a score ranging from one to five to the following questions: (1) How involved are you in your church? Do you contribute to the ministry of the church, or are you only a consumer? (2) In what areas do you serve your church? (3) How do you use your gifts and abilities to serve your church? (4) Do you have any negative attitudes or thoughts relating to your church? For this question, they gave themselves negative scores. (5) How connected are you to other people in your church? (6) How do you set a positive example for others in your church? (7) Does your involvement in the ministry of your church help display God’s love to the world?

In the end, one person received a B-, another received a C-, another received a D- and the remaining eight received a F. By doing so, they were able to learn of the importance of the church in following Jesus Christ, and they told me that they would try to do better from now on. I believe that this is enough for them at this point. I planted a seed in each of their hearts and plan to cultivate their hearts so that the seeds that I planted grow well. I am also interested in what your scores would be. I encourage you to take some time to assess your life within the church and in these seven areas as well.

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