Our Commitments

Good morning, ANF! How was Sunday Corporate Worship for you yesterday? I just want to take a moment to appreciate everyone’s efforts to make it all happen. I missed being able to see all of your faces through Zoom, but I hope that it was a blessed and meaningful Sunday Corporate Worship for you nonetheless. Even though it might take some time for our church family to adjust to having Sunday Corporate Worship both in person and over livestream, as well as having offering time during commitment now, I hope that we can work together to have a meaningful time of worship every Sunday.

In many ways, our lives as Christians in this world can be seen as business trips that Jesus Christ has sent us on. Jesus Christ, our Lord and King, has sent us to Earth with a mission to share, and show, the Gospel, as well as to heal others through it.

Let’s not forget this original mission or be distracted by other things in the process. Instead, let’s live our daily lives as imitators of Jesus Christ who carry out the same missions that he did during his life. If each member makes efforts to build up his or her house church in love, and the house church functions properly as a result, I believe that house church will be the best place for our congregation to share, and show, the Gospel to our VIPs and to heal those who are physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually sick.

Following Sunday Corporate Worship yesterday, six people sent me their commitments and prayer requests via e-mail and text. I have copied some of their commitments below, in hopes that our ANF family might continue to encourage and motivate one another and be reminded of the message that God had given us yesterday:

– I commit to not losing my flavor (Matt 5:13-15). Please pray for revival, that souls would be saved and that sleeping saints would awaken.

– I want to think more about how I can preach the gospel and heal others in the world, and I want to act on it. Maybe I can brainstorm with my house church on how we can improve to fulfill these missions.

– I want to commit to revisit this message every day of this week. So, His word will build upon the message I’ve received today.

– I commit to not be a Sunday Christian but be a Jesus follower in my daily life. I commit to share the gospel to my VIP friends and to heal them by praying for them and listening to them.

– be more mission/Christ-minded in my perspective of the world and daily life.

– I commit to build up my house church together with my house church shepherd and members and will pray for them.

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