Chapter II of ANF’s Story

We are constantly attracted to, moved by, and inspired by the story of Jesus. In His story, we find love, hope, and purpose. His story has many chapters. 1,189 chapters to be exact. Not every chapter contains a story of success and joy. Some chapters contain stories of failure and sorrow.

We started ANF’s story on December 4, 2018, with a vision to restore the spirit of the New Testament church and to be a light to the people of all nations. Since then, the move to our new church building has brought us and will continue to bring us many changes.

I now want to close the first chapter and begin the second chapter of our story. I will reflect on what I have done in this first chapter, think back on my methods and motivations, and find a way to do better in the second chapter. I will reflect not only on myself but also on how the church has done. I want to encourage you all to do the same.

If you shined your light in the first chapter, I hope that your light may become even brighter in the second chapter. If you have been in the shade in the first chapter, I hope that you may become a main character leading the story in the second chapter.

From choosing the new Sunday Corporate Worship time and thinking about the best ministry structure for our church, to launching Children’s Ministry and thinking about our youth and our house churches, many things are in my mind. I pray that God may lead us to walk in the right direction and to make the right decisions amid all the changes and challenges to come in this second chapter. May God be with you always. I love you.

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