Hosting House Church

For the greater part of the last four years, our shepherds have hosted house church, opening up their homes and preparing meals every Friday night. I asked them to do so because I wanted them to be good examples of how to serve and sacrifice. In house church ministry, we make disciples of Jesus Christ not through classroom lecture or bible study but by being an example to those around us.

By now, you have had plenty of time to observe how your shepherds have served sacrificially. It is now your turn to learn from their examples and grow as disciples of Jesus Christ. Some of the distinguishing characteristics of Jesus Christ and his disciples were serving and obeying. I want to challenge you to grow as disciples of Jesus Christ as well. Galatians 6:2 teaches us, let us “bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ.”

Even though some of you have already followed your shepherds’ examples and volunteered to host house church, I want to challenge all members to take turns hosting house church from now on. If your house or apartment is too small, ask your shepherd(s) and other house church members if they can open up their home, and you can still prepare the meal.

If you are a student or not doing your best financially, try to save some money to host house church at least once. It is possible to cook delicious food with a small budget. More importantly, it is not about money but about your heart to serve. I have seen several students open up their dorms and studio apartments to host house church and prepare delicious meals with money they saved from a part-time job. I hope that, through this challenge, you may grow as a disciple of Jesus Christ who serves others.

It will still be the shepherds’ role to lead house church, even if they are not hosting that week. Discuss with your shepherd and house church members how you want to rotate hosting house church and share the final schedule with me.

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