Serving in ANF Praise Team

I believe that God has blessed ANF with many musically gifted people. I have been able to experience the presence of the Holy Spirit in our Sunday worship many times through the music that you all have put together with lots of practice and commitment. I really appreciate your gifts and commitments.

Praise team has many roles that are essential to Sunday worship. In the Bible, we see that the praise team marched first and led people in spiritual battles. In this regard, the praise team’s role is not practical but spiritual, and the praise team’s spirituality is more important than its musical abilities. First-time visitors will see the praise team before they even meet the pastor, shepherds, and leaders of the church. But when I talk about spirituality, I am not asking for perfection or even spiritual maturity from praise team members. I am asking our praise team members (1) to see their roles as spiritual, (2) to try to have genuine hearts to worship, (3) to try to do their best to be spiritually awake in every struggle, and (4) to make themselves available for God and for the ministries that they serve. This is the spirituality that I want to see from our praise team members.

Now that we have started the second chapter of ANF, it might be good to make some changes to how we approach praise team ministry and to re-check our heart and attitudes. Through this change and recommitment process, I hope that we might be refreshed and recharged in spirit and remember the importance of praise team ministry.

Moving forward, there will only be one praise team per service. If you fill out the below form to express your interest in serving in this ministry, you are committing to sing or play each week for the service that you selected for the entire commitment period that you signed up for (which can be 4 months, 6 months or 1 year). Serving on the praise team, like all other ministries, requires commitment. I hope that you are willing to adjust your personal schedule for God and for the ministries you serve, and not vice versa. You can sign up for (1) just the first service, or (2) just the second service, or (3) both services. You are expected to attend and participate in the entire service, so note that if you sign up for both services, you are expected to attend and pay full attention to the entirety of both services, so please choose carefully.

God gives every Christian spiritual gifts to build up His church and for mutual edification, not for personal satisfaction. Think about what gifts God has given to you and what you can do with these gifts. I hope you join the praise team ministry not out of obligation but with joy. Members who are currently serving this ministry are also expected to pray and sign up for this ministry again if they wish to continue serving. If you think you need to take a break, please feel free to do so and come back to the ministry at a later time.

Please pray over whether you feel called to serve in this ministry and fill out the following form by October 16th. The new praise team for each service will start to lead the time of praise beginning November 13th. Once someone’s time of commitment comes to an end, each position will be recruited using this for.

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