Thanksgiving Offering 2022

In my Thanksgiving message last year, I wrote that our lives as Christ followers are paradoxical. God makes us strong when we are weak. God gives us lives of righteousness when we die to our sins. God lifts us up when we humble ourselves. God fills us when we empty ourselves. In appreciation of everyone who participated in the Special Thanksgiving Offering last year, I prayed that we all may experience God filling us up in the days to come. I was astonished by how God answered our prayers and blessed ANF to be His hands and feet to share the love of God with people from around the world. God is always faithful, and His promises are trustworthy. Blessed is not the one who receives but the one who gives.

This year, 3 visitors, 1 youth, 23 singles, and 11 families participated, and $20,295.22 was collected. I want to say thank you to everyone who participated. Like we did in 2022, we will continue to help the poor, the widow, the orphan, the persecuted, and the afflicted in society.

ANF is still small in size, but our desire to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ is genuine. Even though you sometimes give me stress (lol), I am proud of you all. I love you all. Happy Thanksgiving.

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