Membership Testimony: Alix Fichera

What does joining ANF mean to me. To me joining ANF means rebirth. As I stand here on this stage to become a member it amazes me how the Lord works to have brought me here to this moment . There are no coincidences in the way the Lord works to bring us not only to the church but to him . When I look back at my life before I found ANF I would never have thought I would have been a follower of Christ for at one point I stood at a path thinking my life had nothing left to give . I was drug seller , user , drinker , slanderer, and man with a mind full of evil thoughts because I was a hardcore sinner . I was a man plagued by nightmares of being killed every time I went to sleep. I figured my only 2 options were to accept my fate and die or stop my inevitable ending by committing a crime terrible enough to spend my life behind bars . And yet the Lord loved me enough to say I have more plans for you and here I stand before you today. As I said, no coincidence at all . ANF has been the family I searched for my whole life and becoming a member of this church is one of the happiest moments of my life behind finding Christ which I found one year ago on February 5, 2022. This moment wouldn’t have happened without the help of all you guys here as amazing friends and brothers and sisters in Christ at ANF , without the amazing family of China house church , and without the best father figure role model in my life pastor Daniel. That’s what I love most about PD is that he never gave up on me , and believed in me enough that I could serve this church and could become a better man and I couldn’t do it without his wisdom . I still remember the first time I came to ANF . After going to house church a couple times they invited to me come to church . As I pulled up the building in Irving I realize the sign outside is in Korean but it says I’m at the right place . So for 15 minutes I’m just sitting in my car freaking out because I need to go inside and find out if this is the right place cause obviously I can’t understand Korean and at the same time if this isn’t the right place then i was gonna be some random tatted up white guy standing in the middle of a Korean speaking church . Luckily for me it was ANF and I still remember Stephany greeting me and that right there is the moment I realized I had found a home and I wouldn’t want my life to have happened any other way . As I become a member of this church I give my commitment to you guys to continue to try my best to serve you , this church , my house church , pastor Daniel , and God faithfully. I hope to use my talents to serve where God uses me and I hope to be here for many many years to come and help grow this church as a family together. I will always be here for anyone whenever they need me whether they just want to just hang out or need any help with anything, never hesitate to reach out and ask me . I love you guys very much and I look forward to what this year and the years to come have to offer as a member of this church and family . Thank you .

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