Membership Testimony: Daniel Joung

Ever since coming to Dallas and attending church and house church here at ANF, I’ve truly been blessed to be welcomed by warm and comforting arms by everyone attending the church. The weekly greetings, Sunday services, house church and the various events helped to regain and strengthen the faith and spiritual relationship that I have with God. I believe that finding this church has made a significant impact on my life and becoming a member is just a stepping stone for what God has in store for me. Pastor Daniel, the leaders, and the members of this church have created an uplifting and inspiring atmosphere that has made my spiritual life more meaningful so that I can also go out and inspire others of my own. This is truly the work of God and I’m thankful that I have this opportunity to become a part of a church that helps lift each other up and grow together in their faith.

I believe that becoming a member of this church means to give this place a meaning or a value. I believe that becoming a member of this church is making this place a second home or a spiritual home that commits to guiding others to make it theirs too.

My first impression of this church was that it was a place that joyfully welcomed newcomers and made them feel comfortable. It was a place of love and worship. It was a place that I could go without feeling lost or left out. But honestly, the reason I kept coming back was because I’m a college student and they had free food. I want to build a church that makes others feel this way like I did on my first time here. A church that emphasizes reaching out to people and helping them become servants of God.

My talents include: basketball, golf, video games, and computer stuff. If there is a ministry that relates to any of these listed, you can let me know.

What I like about our pastor is that he can make sermons funny and exciting but also can make serious ones that speak straight to your heart. He’s our reliable spiritual guide that offers wise advice but can also be very down to Earth. As for what I dislike about our pastor…

Generally, I’m the type of person that at times can be doubtful and skeptical, but I can also be very open-minded. Although I am satisfied with who I am, I believe that there is more room for growth and improvement. I hope to become more confident and become as faithful as those around me. I hope to positively inspire others to grow in their faith in Christ as many people here have done as well. I thank god for putting me here in this community and I’m grateful to anf. Thank you

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