Membership Testimony: Elliott Kim

Hi my name is Elliott and I am apart of Ishmael House church. I’ve been attending ANF for 3 years ever since I was a freshman in college. I decided to become a member now because I wanted to grow in my faith and also wanted to serve this church. These past years in my college career I felt spiritually dry and wasn’t actively trying to grow my faith and sometimes only went to church and house church because I’ve done it my whole life and it was basically routine. This past year, I struggled with myself a lot. I had little confidence in myself no matter what I did, especially in my academics. Always comparing myself to my friends and peers I never felt that I was good enough and felt like I was disappointing my parents. Even with this low confidence and negative thoughts, I had a lot of pride and didn’t want to appear like I was struggling to others. However this past semester, my desire and passion to grow my faith came back as I was surrounded by so many people willing to serve and putting others before themselves. After letting my pride down and talking with my mom about all the things I’ve been going through, she was very understanding towards me and was glad that I was being open to her and wasn’t mad or disappointed. Also by turning to God and praying to trust the plan he has for me and to stop worrying about my future I felt enlightened and at ease knowing that he is in control. After having this revival in myself I wanted to become a member in order to make a commitment to myself and to begin to serve others wholeheartedly. By becoming a member I hope that I’ll be able to help build a church that is founded on fellowship and service. I also hope that I will stop being lazy and not do things because it’s routine or I’m told to and instead do it because I want to. Last of all, one thing that I like about PD is how connected he is with everyone but what I don’t like about PD is how he is always injured and I want him to be healthy. Thank you.

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