Membership Testimony: Justin Yoo

I want to become a member of ANF because I feel like this time in my life is when I shouldn’t be lackadaisical in my faith anymore and I should start taking things more seriously. I think I’m pretty laid back as a person and looking back throughout college, I could see how that reflected in my faith too. I’d say I was always confident in my belief in Jesus, but where I was lacking was that I didn’t really serve much in the community I was in, and I realized that it blocked me from growing in my faith in terms of building my spiritual discipline and following our calling from God as Christians to serve the people around us. So I made a promise to myself that wherever I end up after graduating, I wanted to serve diligently and not be passive in my faith anymore. I feel like I should now turn on the switch and take action on how important I think it is that I build a solid foundation at the start of my “adult life.”

What being a member means to me is to be committed to ANF and doing my part in building up the church – in whatever way that may be. And by doing so, I hope that I can join ANF’s mission in restoring the New Testament church and saving people of all nations, as Pastor Daniel preaches about. To be honest, I was a little nervous to come to ANF when I first moved because there were people that I was friends with but not super close to, and also people that I knew of and I think they knew of me too but it was like that weird game of making eye contact here and there and not knowing whether I should go say hi or not. But ANF has become one of the main reasons why I enjoy Dallas a lot and I feel blessed to now be a part of this church.

And in terms of who I am – I feel like I’m still trying to solidify that. I try my best to be nice and not cause a lot of problems. I think I can be kinda goofy once I start opening up to people. I don’t really talk a lot at first but I’ll have random bursts of energy here and there. And the person that I want to become is in some ways still the person that I am today, but just more mature and stronger in my faith, and also more reliable in the communities that I’m in.

In terms of what I like about PD – he’s very nice, a great father and pastor, makes good coffee, and he leads by example. And what I don’t like about PD – it’s kinda hard for me not like someone so i’m not sure, and i also don’t think I’ve been here long enough to form that kind of opinion haha.

I also wanted to thank everyone because I felt very welcomed throughout the process of getting to this point and I hope to be a good energy for everyone and fulfill my duties well as a member moving forward.

Thank you.

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