Membership Testimony: Patrick Jo

I want to become a member of ANF to commit myself to further developing my personal relationship with God and to serving our congregation with the right heart. Watching my brothers and sisters serve the church throughout the years made me realize that I want to put that same energy and bring glory to God. From the heartwarming welcomes every Sunday to all that have given me rides and shared fellowship with me and blessed me throughout my years at ANF, I thank you. I was truly blessed to have older role models to look up to and it has truly made an impact on my spiritual growth. So again why do I want to become a member of ANF? I want to commit to Christ and be held accountable for my diligence. I want to be consistent in going to every house church, every Sunday worship, and serving the congregation. Becoming a member of ANF is not just defined as having a sense of belonging to a group of people. For me, it means growing together as one spiritual family and serving one another, and keeping each other accountable for everything. I want to become a member to solidify these foundations and establish a welcoming presence toward newcomers and VIPS. With the same love that I received, I want to do the same towards the people who are new to the congregation and starting their journey of building a relationship with God. I want to build a church that always seeks new individuals into our congregation and welcomes them with open arms. It’s important to me that people receive an opportunity in learning about our savior. I was so blessed to be born into a Christian family, however, not everyone is as fortunate as me. So I want to actively seek new individuals and give them the chance to learn about our savior Jesus Christ. As for talents and gifts, I don’t have any in particular. As for any ministries I’m interested in, I’m currently doing restroom maintenance so there’s that. Don’t have a lot of talents but I have a lot of experience cleaning in general so I’m happy to serve. As for what I like about Pastor Daniel, I really love him. And finally, I want to become a member that can be reliable to everyone and grow spiritually together with my brothers and sisters in this congregation, Thank You!

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