Prayer for Agape Missions Team

Hi, ANF! In the first century, the church in Antioch sent Paul and Barnabas on missions with prayer and fasting. Paul and Barnabas’ missions were not private missions but corporate missions that involved the efforts of the entire congregation. Some, like Paul and Barnabas, went to the mission field, while others in the church in Antioch stayed and supported them with prayer.

On Saturday, we will be sending off our brothers, Jeff, Steven, Jonathan, and Brandon, to Mexico for the Agape Mission for the Huichol Indians, and I hope that we will all be able to support them with prayer.
Specifically, let’s pray:
1. For the team — for safe travels, unity, and spiritual growth for each of the team members;
2. For the mission task — for them to be able to purchase the necessary corn and flour and for them to be able to deliver the food to the villages in desolate areas safely;
3. For the local people — for the people in the villages to experience a glimpse of God’s love and for them to open up their hearts to God; and

4. For the local church — for this to be a good opportunity for the local churches and Christians in the villages to reach out the non-believers around them.
I want to encourage you all to come to church by 3:30 pm this Saturday to send off the team, go to the airport with them, and welcome them at the airport when they return on Thursday, March 9th, at 4:38 pm. I will be there as well. I am very thankful for God using us to share His unconditional love with the marginalized people in the world.

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