Our Donations from Thanksgiving Offering for the Poor

Hi, ANF! Starting two years ago, our church started collecting Special Thanksgiving Offering for the Poor, with the very specific purpose of helping the poor, the orphaned, the widowed, and the marginalized across the world. I am so grateful for God giving us this privilege to serve others and for all of your generosity in giving.
So far this year, we donated $4,000 to the Agape Mission for the Huichol Indians to purchase corn and flour for the people in these remote villages of Mexico to eat. Similarly, we sent $4,400 to our Egypt and Antalya House Church missionaries to support refugee families severely affected by the recent earthquake in Turkey and Syria. Many of you may have read about this in the news, but an area roughly the size of France has been razed by the recent earthquake in Turkey and Syria, with extremely high total fatality rates likely numbering in the hundreds of thousands or more among the ten cities.

Our donation will be used to support the refugees in Turkey and Syria with housing, food, and trauma counseling costs. Our Egypt House Church missionaries, Hudson and Phoebe Huh, and our Antalya House Church missionaries, Ned and Sky Derrickson, began a rescue team and visited the affected area to help the Afghan and other refugees there. Most Afghan and other refugees are still awaiting tents and other basic necessities even after more than two weeks.
Earlier this week, they shared with us how God is working in the midst of sorrow, sadness, and tragedy to share His love and the Gospel with people who have been unreached. Even though we mourn with those who mourn (Romans 12:5), let’s pray for them to experience a glimpse of God’s love and open up their hearts to God through our sharing of love.

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