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Jesus has called us to be “Salt & Light” – to bloom wherever we’re planted and bless all those around us. We are called to be engaged in missions globally, as well as locally.


All Nations Fellowship is a church planted with a God-given vision to restore the New Testament church. All Nations Fellowship exists to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ for the salvation of people of all nations through house churches--modeling discipleship and servant leadership, while also equipping members to find the purpose of life and meaningful ministries. 


pastor family

Lead Pastor |

Pastor Daniel Hyun has been both a pastor and a shepherd for 17 years. He has been a part of the Korean Speaking Congregation, ROCK Church, as an associate pastor for the past 11 years. In 2018, he founded the All Nations Fellowship church with english-speaking members of the korean congregation, becoming ANF's Lead Pastor. He has previously served the Lord as a missionary in England and in South Africa.


Grace-filled Sunday corporate worship is an essential part of being a christian, touching upon human will. Through corporate worship, unchurched unbelievers decide to believe in and receive Christ while believers decide to sacrifice and commit their lives for Christ. Come visit our service on Sundays at 2:00PM and remember to stay afterwards for Food & Fellowship.

Sundays | 2:00PM

2300 W. Pioneer Dr. Irving, TX 75061


We cannot become close to God if we are not familiar with His living, breathing Word. Bible study that is structured and systematic touches upon human intellect. Through bible study, unchurched unbelievers come to understand the gospel while believers experience a transformation of their lives by the power of God's Word. An essential part of christian life, church members are expected to take part in required 13-week bible study classes in addition to daily personal bible reading and QT.

Living Life

Spring: 1/21 - 4/22

Fall: 9/9 - 12/16

Transforming Life

Spring: 1/22 - 4/23

Fall: 9/10 - 12/17

Assurance Life

Shepherds: 5/7 - 6/18

Sheep: 7/2 - 8/13