Pastor’s Journal


  • Hosting House Church

    For the greater part of the last four years, our shepherds have hosted house church, opening up their homes and preparing meals every Friday night. I asked them to do so because I wanted them to be good examples of how to serve and sacrifice. In house church ministry, we make disciples of Jesus Christ not through classroom lecture or bible study but by being an example to those around us.

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  • Chapter II of ANF’s Story

    We are constantly attracted to, moved by, and inspired by the story of Jesus. In His story, we find love, hope, and purpose. His story has many chapters. 1,189 chapters to be exact. Not every chapter contains a story of success and joy. Some chapters contain stories of failure and sorrow. We started ANF’s story […]

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  • How to Prepare the Opening Prayer for Sunday Corporate Worship

    During opening prayer, I sometimes hear a long prayer for me, especially for my eyes. Even though I appreciate your love and concern for me, I often get worried about how visitors and non-believers will think of our opening prayers.

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  • Our Commitments

    Good morning, ANF! How was Sunday Corporate Worship for you yesterday? I just want to take a moment to appreciate everyone’s efforts to make it all happen. I missed being able to see all of your faces through Zoom, but I hope that it was a blessed and meaningful Sunday Corporate Worship for you nonetheless. […]

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  • The Valley of Vision

    O LORD GOD,Thou art my protecting arm,fortress, refuge, shield, buckler.Fight for me and my foes must flee;Uphold me and I cannot fall;Strengthen me and I stand unmoved, unmoveable;Equip me and I shall receive no wound;Stand by me and Satan will depart;Anoint my lips with a song of salvationand I shall shout thy victory;Teach me to […]

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