Pastor’s Journal


  • Thanksgiving Offering

    During this past Sunday’s message, I urged you all to give a special Thanksgiving Offering to the poor. Similar to last year, I want to suggest you all to give either (a) 1% of your annual income or (b) 10% of your annual expense for food, entertainment, travel, hobbies, and apparel. It is important for…

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  • Serving in ANF Praise Team

    I believe that God has blessed ANF with many musically gifted people. I have been able to experience the presence of the Holy Spirit in our Sunday worship many times through the music that you all have put together with lots of practice and commitment. I really appreciate your gifts and commitments. Praise team has…

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  • Hosting House Church

    For the greater part of the last four years, our shepherds have hosted house church, opening up their homes and preparing meals every Friday night. I asked them to do so because I wanted them to be good examples of how to serve and sacrifice. In house church ministry, we make disciples of Jesus Christ…

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  • Chapter II of ANF’s Story

    We are constantly attracted to, moved by, and inspired by the story of Jesus. In His story, we find love, hope, and purpose. His story has many chapters. 1,189 chapters to be exact. Not every chapter contains a story of success and joy. Some chapters contain stories of failure and sorrow. We started ANF’s story…

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  • How to Prepare the Opening Prayer for Sunday Corporate Worship

    During opening prayer, I sometimes hear a long prayer for me, especially for my eyes. Even though I appreciate your love and concern for me, I often get worried about how visitors and non-believers will think of our opening prayers.

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