• Baptism Testimony: Patrick Jo

    My life has been blessed from the beginning thanks to my lovely parents who were both Christians. I always was surrounded by Christianity throughout my childhood. I knew what it meant to accept Jesus as my savior but never did because of the relentless resentment I had toward him. You see, around 2 years ago,…

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  • Baptism Testimony: Tommy Albano

    “Behold, I am here. I stand at the door and knock. Those who hear my voice and open the door. I will eat with them and they with me.”  And the question is what is my plan on being a follower of christ? 

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  • Guadalajara Mission Trip Testimony: Jonathan Ouh

    I was really blessed with the opportunity to go on this Guadalajara mission trip for the first time. I wanted to go on this mission trip because I received so many personal and spiritual benefits from going on the Egypt-and-Turkey mission trip last September and figured I’d experience something similar in Guadalajara. Recently, I’ve been…

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  • Guadalajara Mission Trip Testimony: Steven Lee

    Hi everyone, I just wanted to share a quick Testimony with you all for the mission trip I went on this past week with Jonathan, Jeff, and Brandon to Guadalajara. This was my 2nd time going to the Guadalajara mission trip. I went on the Guadalajara mission trip back in 2019 with a couple of…

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  • Guadalajara Mission Trip Testimony: Jeff Kim

    This is my 7th year going to Guadalajara and it was our first time going back since Covid. I have been looking forward to going back to meet the brothers and sisters we have met. Although our reasoning for this trip was different from our previous ones. In a sense, I was very glad to…

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