• Baptism Testimony: Jonathan Chang

    Origin I was blessed to be born and raised in a loving family and environment.  Despite going through the motions for years and being presented with many opportunities, I had invested very little intentional time and effort into cultivating a real relationship with God. I was far more interested in my own mentality and my…

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  • Baptism Testimony: Hannah Choi

    I grew up in a church where my parents were respected elders, and my siblings were known for  their musical talents; the church only knew me as Rancho’s daughter or Lydia/Joesph’s little  sister. I didn’t have an identity. And if I did, it was through my family. And at no point did I think  of…

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  • Membership Testimony: Justin Yoo

    I want to become a member of ANF because I feel like this time in my life is when I shouldn’t be lackadaisical in my faith anymore and I should start taking things more seriously. I think I’m pretty laid back as a person and looking back throughout college, I could see how that reflected…

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  • Membership Testimony: Daniel Joung

    Ever since coming to Dallas and attending church and house church here at ANF, I’ve truly been blessed to be welcomed by warm and comforting arms by everyone attending the church. The weekly greetings, Sunday services, house church and the various events helped to regain and strengthen the faith and spiritual relationship that I have…

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  • Membership Testimony: Patrick Jo

    I want to become a member of ANF to commit myself to further developing my personal relationship with God and to serving our congregation with the right heart. Watching my brothers and sisters serve the church throughout the years made me realize that I want to put that same energy and bring glory to God.…

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